Otakar Ostrčil

Otakar Ostrčil (25 February 1879, Prague – 20 August 1935, Prague) was an important Czech composer, conductor, and musical organizer. As the successor to Karel Kovařovic at the helm of the opera at the National Theatre, he was responsible for the level of artistic quality and the orientation of that opera company until his death. The overall evaluation of his artistic contribution has long been subject to various ideologically motivated interpretations.

Songs to German Poems

ed. Markéta Kratochvílová

The present edition completes the series “Písně z mládí Otakara Ostrčila” (Songs from the Youth of Otakar Ostrčil) issued in the 1940s, and it documents the influence of the German Romantic lied on the composer’s early works. These are the only songs by Ostrčil in which the composer set texts in a language other than Czech to music, and they are the only of his songs that remained heretofore unpublished.