Joseph Anton Sehling

After a study visit to Vienna, Josef Anton Sehling (7 January 1710, Toužim ‒ 19 September 1756, Prague) earned  a living as a violinist  and composer for a wide variety of Prague institutions, but chiefly in the ensemble of Count Wenzel (Wenceslas) Morzin, at the Cathedral of St Vitus, and in the orchestra of the Kotzen Theatre. He had a large music collection consisting of his own copies. The greatest public recognition of his activity as a composer was for the performance of a school play about the Biblical heroine Judith with music that he composed before Empress Maria Theresa during the celebrations of her coronation as the Queen of Bohemia in 1743. Most of his compositions were sacred music.


Latin Motets and Offertories for the Dead

ed. Milada Jonášová

The volume will comprise Sehling’s motets and offertories composed for the serving of liturgy for the dead. The compositions are written for soprano, alto, tenor and bass accompanied by the strings and three trombones, optionally with clarinos. In some of the pieces it was possible to identify for which mourning occasions they were intended. Same is in the publication of Sehling’s Latin pastorellas, this edition will be based on the extant autographs.