Forthcoming - Sheet music

ed. Tomáš Slavický
The Requiem Solemne by Jan Zach is a representative example of music composed in Prague in the 1730s. Although it is one of the composer’s early works, it met with an extraordinarily varied reception during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. At that time, the composition attracted attention mainly for its use of chromaticism, while from today’s perspective we can see it as an example of a large, stylistically diverse vocal-instrumental composition. The style range spans from retrospective counterpoint to dramatic resources, for which J. D. Zelenka and the Italian composers of Vivaldi’s generation were models.
ed. Ondřej Maňour
Novotný’s Písně kosmické (Cosmic Songs), op. 8, composed in 1914 to poems from a collection with the same title by Jan Neruda, mark the beginning of his mature creative period, and while they were underappreciated by his contemporaries, they prefigured the further development of European music. To this day, the collection has been neither performed nor published, and this has undoubtedly deprived the development of Czech modern music of valuable impulses.